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    Game Assignments

    October 7, 2012 by StewieJ97

    Ok guys, so here is the deal:

    You know that in the infoboxes, we have the version tab, and the Last Update tab.

    So, How are we supposed to know when the games are updated if we dont have all the games of Backflip wiki?


    I believe that the most active users are Legos, 2442cc and me. (Brod you only help when your help is needed but let me get something clera: You are very active and important)

    So we will divide the games in three:

    A-G Games StewieJ97
    H-P Games 2442cc
    R-T games (Volunteer needed)

    We will be updating the games eventually, but the user who gets any games, must download them to their iPhone/Pod/Pad

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    Intros and stuff

    October 4, 2012 by StewieJ97

    Ok, so here is the deal

    I will post this information in every new user's wall for them to know or to feel welcome in the wiki.

    Welcome to Backflip Wiki!

    •'We are glad you joined us and we hope you edit with useful information and a lot of edits! If you have any problem, suggestion or doubt, please contact the Backflip Wiki Staff.If you want to become a Backflip wiki staff, just visit the Applications Page, and comment the position you want, eventually, the Staff will communicate with you regarding your promotion.Or course, for being a staff member you have to read the Rules and Policies for being a good user. If you find that an important rule is missing, add one more!'In the Hour of Power , the active users of this wiki will try to join th…
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    September 21, 2012 by StewieJ97


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