Ok, so here is the deal

I will post this information in every new user's wall for them to know or to feel welcome in the wiki.

Welcome to Backflip Wiki!

Welcome to Backflip Wiki!

Welcome to the Wiki!
•'We are glad you joined us and we hope you edit with useful information and a lot of edits! If you have any problem, suggestion or doubt, please contact the Backflip Wiki Staff.If you want to become a Backflip wiki staff, just visit the Applications Page, and comment the position you want, eventually, the Staff will communicate with you regarding your promotion.Or course, for being a staff member you have to read the Rules and Policies for being a good user. If you find that an important rule is missing, add one more!'In the Hour of Power , the active users of this wiki will try to join the Chat and discuss things of the game, or ideas.

You can also go and see the New Photos and go to the blog or page they were posted!

We have Affiliated Wikis too, such as DragonVale Wiki, Eden Worldbuilder Wiki, Jetpack Joyride Wiki, Paper Toss 2.0 Wiki, and Fruit Ninja Wiki. Dont think twice and Visit those Wikis!

=] Happy Editing:

StewieJ97 (talk)

Admin now!

Promoted to admin
You finally achieved the goals to become an admin!'It you have any doubts, contanct the Staff Members (Mainly Admis.), but here I will give you an introducction.'First, you have to be avilable at least 10 h a week (2 Daily), if you are not good enough in coding, ask our coding admin: Brodensson, he knows a lot of coding and he might be able to help, and if he isn't avilable, you can contact Bnm, he is very good in coding too!

You must join the Staff and give new ideas or new themes, now that you are part of the staff.

EVERY time you log in, please check the Bulletin Board for keeping up with the wikis news and goals.

You must help any doubtfull user if he asks for your help.

=] Happy editting:

StewieJ97 (talk)

Chat Mod.!

Promoted to Chat Mod.!
'You request has benn accepted by the Backflip Wiki Team! 'You are now a Chat Moderator, you now have to be in the chat regularly checking the users behavior, and other Chatmods behavior too!

You can visit the Applications Page, and you can start editing for becoming an admin if you want!

Ifyou have any new suggestion for adding to the Chat Policies, please tell Lieutenant Legolas (Our Founder), or any other Admin avilable.

Please be sure to be avilable some days for the Hour of Power, and follow the Rules in chat, and in the wiki in general.

=] Happy Editing

At your service:

StewieJ97 (talk)

Dear Admin,

Thank you for reading this, I am writing this because we want to affiliate our wiki to (Name of the wiki, please add it backflip admins before posting it), This means that in your home page you will post a link to our home page, and in our homepage we will add a link to your Wiki :)

Maybe one day we will have more users and they will see the link to your wiki and say: Hmmm... I didn't know there was a wiki about that... I will go to it... And maybe some users of yours would like to come to our wiki... So please think about it, discuss it with other admins, the founder and other staff... So please tell me if you approve it or not :)

StewieJ97 (talk) 22:06, October 13, 2012 (UTC)

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